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Stimulate Collagen

Innovative Non-Invasive Skin Lifting Technology Skin Lifting | Skin Tightening | Cellulite Treatment

Sofwave is a new technology that is an updated and improved version of focused ultrasound technology. Sofwave has an FDA clearance for stimulating collagen, improving facial lines and wrinkles, lifting the eyebrows and submental and neck areas with NO downtime. Call Curated Beauty Rx today to inquire about one of our favorite treatments in Hollywood!

Discover Focused Ultrasound Technology

What is Sofwave?

Sofwave works by precisely targeting the skin at depths that generate maximal dermal remodeling and collagen synthesis utilizing focused ultrasound energy. Sofwave technology has cleverly improved results, downtime, and possible complications by refining the delivery of this powerful ultrasound energy and, because of this, is a favorite amongst our Hollywood clientele.

Precise Targeting

What are the benefits of Sofwave?

Precision targeting of mid-dermal tissue causes remodeling of collagen, which results in an improvement in skin laxity, including fine lines and wrinkles, lifting of the eyebrows and neck regions, and overall shrink wrapping of areas of treated. Due to its precision targeting and energy type, this procedure has a strong safety profile and may be performed on all skin types. Sofwave has also been clinically shown to be an effective treatment for the short-term treatment of cellulite.

Am I a good candidate for Sofwave?

Sofwave is an excellent technology for corrective and maintenance strategies due to its excellent results and strong safety profile. In general, the best candidate is one that is looking to prevent skin laxity (excess skin) or has mild laxity. Prior to treatment with Sofwave Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Christie and her team will assess whether you are a good candidate for this technology by learning about your goals and physical examination. Sofwave is not going to reverse significant skin laxity.

Non-invasive Treatment

Your Sofwave Procedure

Your Los Angeles Sofwave procedure will require topical numbing. We also offer medications and/or laughing gas for your comfort. The procedure typically takes one hour for the face but may be longer depending on the surface area covered. The procedure is generally well tolerated and is completely non-invasive (no needles or incisions). It starts with the delivery of energy for a short duration, followed by a cooling mechanism that protects and cools the outer skin.

Ready In No Time

Sofwave Recovery

One of the biggest advantages of Sofwave is that it is truly non-invasive with zero downtime. You may have some mild redness for a few hours and mild temporary swelling. When performed as an isolated procedure you do not have downtime and may wear makeup immediately. This procedure is a favorite for preparation of a major life event such as anniversaries, weddings, or red carpet events!

Be Prepared for Red Carpet Events

Sofwave Results

Sofwave has been clinically proven to improve wrinkles 12 weeks after a single treatment with a high satisfaction rate. It also has the only FDA indication for lifting of brows and neck. Our clients have been thrilled with this technology for event preparation or as part of your anti-aging strategy. Contact our office to inquire about the benefits of Sofwave!

Refined Delivery

Your Sofwave Consultation

Curated Beauty Rx in Los Angeles, CA, is thrilled to offer our patients in Los Angeles Sofwave treatments, one of our favorite treatments in Hollywood. Our experienced staff can provide you with a consultation to discuss your skin goals and determine if Sofwave is the right treatment for you. Don't wait to improve the appearance of your skin. Call Curated Beauty Rx today to inquire about our Sofwave treatments and start your journey toward a more radiant and youthful appearance!

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