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Mommy Makeover

in West Hollywood, CA

A Transformational Journey

Becoming a mom is the biggest transformation of your life. Most moms can agree that they are not the same person as they were pre-pregnancy. As a mom, surgeon, and entrepreneur, Dr. Christie understands both the physical and emotional changes that occur with having children and is a trusted resource in your postpartum journey! Rather than think about how you were before pregnancy, I like to appreciate the new beauty you have as a mother with a new set of priorities for your mind, body, and health. – Dr. Christie
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A Holistic Approach

A Mommy Makeover is often described as a combination of procedures that restore the physical changes that occur after having children. And often, when we uplift and revamp our physical bodies, our mental and emotional selves also get a boost. With a Mommy Makeover Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Christie can truly embody her holistic, customized approach. She employs a combination of technology blended with rejuvenation therapies and surgical procedures. This is performed in a staged, progressive approach, taking into account the delicate balance of priorities of a busy new mom.

Reboot You

You have given your body over to your family, but now it is time for a reboot—not just for your body but your spirit as well. It’s time to enjoy the benefits of your physical structure, strength, and health garnered from this restorative journey with Dr. Christie and her team.
You have given your body over to your family, but now it is time for a reboot—not just for your body but your spirit as well. It’s time to enjoy the benefits of your physical structure, strength, and health garnered from this restorative journey with Dr. Christie and her team.

Dr. Christie is not most plastic surgeons.

Most plastic surgeons caution you should be done having children before considering a Mommy Makeover. A modern mom requires a modern approach, and Dr. Christie works with you to create a mommy makeover strategy that is open-ended. Even if you plan on having more children, there are ways you can maintain your health and beauty through your personalized treatment plan. If you are in good health and feel like you want to start reclaiming your body and beauty for yourself, a Los Angeles Mommy Makeover consultation with Dr. Christie is the perfect starting point for helping you feel like you again.
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Your Path to Beauty

Patients travel from across the country just for a consultation with Dr. Christie because of her unique skill set and approach to procedures like Mommy Makeovers. If you are ready to take charge of your life and your beauty after childbirth, join the satisfied patients from around the globe who enjoy the benefits of Dr. Christie’s curated beauty approach. Schedule your consultation today.

Designed with You in Mind

Your surgery or surgeries will be planned out together with Dr. Christie, taking into account your goals and recovery timeline. If you have a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction, or skin tightening, your surgery and recovery will follow the guidelines for those procedures. Dr. Christie will cover all the details thoroughly in your curated beauty plan.

Follow the Plan

Because Mommy Makeovers may combine multiple surgeries at once, you will want to block out enough time to recover from your procedure safely and gradually. Alternatively, you may decide that splitting up surgeries with lesser recovery times makes sense for you. Dr. Christie believes in planning through the recovery process to reduce anxiety, maximize your results, and speed up healing. If you’re looking for “how does she make it look so easy?” we’re on the same page. Find the energy, confidence, and beauty to put a spring back into your step. Dr. Christie is here to help you radically improve your life through your personalized Mommy Makeover beauty plan.
Baby Steps
Recovery varies based on the combination of procedures performed. An abdominoplasty will have the longest recovery and is typically the most restrictive for four weeks. Combo procedures can be safely performed for a single recovery if that makes sense for you and your family. The details of recovery are discussed at length in the planning process.
Mommy Makeover
When you are considering surgical procedures after children, the best candidates are ones who are in good general health, are within ten pounds of their goal weight and demonstrate weight stability, and live a generally healthy lifestyle (no smoking, exercise regularly, and eating healthily).
When done with a qualified professional, mommy makeovers are very safe but also carry risks that you should be willing to accept and are prepared for during the process. As a mom and double-board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christie relates to the concerns regarding safety for new moms and takes no shortcuts in ensuring those risks are mitigated. Her patient safety profile is excellent and a testament to her hands-on approach and attention to detail.
This is an individualized choice that should be determined based on the area of primary concern or discomfort and triaged from there.

Dr. Christie believes you must prioritize your new family and all the changes it brings before worrying about returning to your old self. Whenever you are ready, the first step is a customized strategy developed during a consultation with Dr. Christie. Dr. Christie prefers to make strategic, gradual changes for long-lasting results. For example, begin by addressing skin changes. Then once you are done breastfeeding, begin your anti-aging rejuvenation strategy.

Next is weight loss and taking the time to get your body stronger. The final step would be surgery to deal with excess skin and stubborn fat and repair your breasts to their pre-baby appearance. Dr. Christie is your trusted resource throughout this journey, with tips and tricks to help you balance life as a new mom and to achieve your personal body goals. Prior to taking on surgical procedures, it is vital to consider the following:

  • Are your children old enough to understand you won’t be able to pick them up or hold them for a couple of weeks?
  • Do you have the proper support in place for chores and meals to be taken care of while you recover?
  • Have you returned to baseline health?
  • Have you allowed enough time for your body to recover from childbirth?

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