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Breast Reduction in Los Angeles, CA

Breast Reduction Los Angeles, CA  West Hollywood

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Breast Reduction in Los Angeles, CA | Reduction Mammaplasty| Dr. Christie

Breast reduction surgery is an excellent option for men or women with larger or heavier breasts who suffer from persistent shoulder and back pain, skin irritation or who experience adverse psychological effects from disproportionate breast volume. If you have any of these concerns or are simply uncomfortable with the size of your breasts, you may consider a reduction mammaplasty. Los Angeles breast reduction provider Dr. Christie is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who can expertly guide you through this process.

Breast Reduction Los Angeles, CA  West Hollywood

Reduce Your Pain

What is Breast Reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery (aka reduction mammoplasty) is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. This surgery involves the removal of excess glandular tissue to reduce breast volume. An impeccable eye is very important as surgical artistry comes into play when breasts are reduced, reshaped, and improved in overall appearance and function.

Dr. Christie’s Unique Approach

Dr. Christie utilizes her holistic approach in this surgery to consider your entire chest and torso framework with attention to detail, producing an overall slimming of your framework. She utilizes a variety of uncommon techniques that are customized to your anatomy and problem areas. Dr. Christie emphasizes that you are exchanging an improvement in shape and volume for a scar burden, and as such, attention to detail in producing the best possible scar is just as important as reducing the volume.


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What are the benefits of Breast Reduction?

There is a reason breast reduction is one of the most popular surgeries in the U.S. Patients with disproportionately large breasts suffer from medical symptoms such as chronic back pain, shoulder (trapezius) hypertrophy, neck discomfort, postural changes, and sometimes skin irritation from chronic friction. Removing excess volume can alleviate these symptoms and significantly improve your quality of life. In addition to reducing the size of the breasts, breast reduction surgery can:

  • Improve self-esteem
  • Improve breast shape
  • Improve nipple position and areola size
  • Decrease your day-to-day maintenance
  • Enable a broader range of clothing options
  • Improve breast symmetry (breasts of different sizes)

Finally, Someone Who Listens to Your Needs

Your Breast Reduction Consultation

To learn about breast reduction Los Angeles patients are encouraged to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Christie at her office. Dr. Christie is double board-certified and specializes in surgical breast procedures. Every surgery is curated for each patient and their aesthetic needs.

Breast Reduction Los Angeles, CA  West Hollywood

You’re Ready for this Change

Your Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast reduction surgery typically takes four to five hours under anesthesia, and you will go home the same day. There are a number of techniques utilized for both resection of skin and reshaping of the breast tissue, and Dr. Christie will discuss which one is best for your anatomy during consultation. In all techniques, excess breast tissue and skin are removed, and the remaining tissue is reshaped to create your new breast.

Dr. Christie utilizes surgical drains in this surgery to remove any excess blood or fluid that has accumulated. These drains remain in place for two to five days, depending on output, and are an important part of protecting your incisions and controlling swelling.

Nipple Preservation

Dr. Christie always preserves the nipple’s attachment to the breast. She will reduce your areola size and sometimes combine a nipple reduction if needed to enhance overall results.

Combination Procedures

Breast reduction surgery typically combines smaller enhancement procedures that will complement breast reduction, including liposuction, nipple reduction, skin tightening, or skin resurfacing procedures.

Breast Reduction Los Angeles, CA  West Hollywood

Noticeable Difference

Breast Reduction Results

Dr. Christie’s unique approach and technical skills focus on reducing your whole framework resulting in a slimming effect that not only makes you feel lighter on your feet but makes you look thinner in clothing. Depending on the amount of excess breast tissue and fat removed during surgery, you will also lose weight on the scale. Breast Reduction surgery is very rewarding for patients who suffer from disproportionately large breasts resulting in improved body proportions that often enhance the overall quality of life.

On the Right Path

Breast Reduction Recovery and Aftercare

Dr. Christie utilizes an enhanced recovery protocol that minimizes the use of postoperative narcotics and expedites the return to regular activities. By the end of the first week, you should generally be off narcotics, have your surgical drains removed, and return to daily functional activities without assistance. Most patients can return to work after the first week. Compression surgical bras are required for four to six weeks, and Dr. Christie incorporates frequent follow-up early in your postoperative course to monitor scar healing and manage swelling.

Breast ReductionFrequently Asked Questions

Although you will be given anesthesia for the treatment, you should expect to feel tired for two to three days following the operation. In addition to providing you with medications, your doctor could advise applying wrapped ice packs to sore areas to reduce swelling and discomfort.

During a breast reduction, you exchange an improvement in size and shape for a scar burden. Scars fade over time, and Dr. Christie pays special attention to postoperative healing to give you the best scars possible.

Most patients who want a breast reduction get a decrease by one to two cup sizes. This typically suffices to eliminate the numerous issues associated with having breasts that are excessively large while maintaining an appealing and proportionate body form.

Risks include hematoma, seroma, and fat necrosis. It is always possible for patients who naturally heal slowly or, if the treatment wasn't done correctly, to leave bad breast reduction scars. The region where the vertical scar meets the inframammary fold is frequently the only site with wound healing issues, which are not uncommon, tiny, and localized.

Each recovery is individualized, and this will be discussed with you during your preoperative visit. In general, most patients are able to return to light physical activity after two weeks, with a return to full activity within four weeks.

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