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Laser Treatment

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Aesthetic technology

Aesthetic technology comes in many forms and an understanding of the energy type, its method of delivery, & safety profile in combination with individualized patient concerns such as skin thickness, skin quality, goals, current skin regimen, current anti-aging strategy must be taken into consideration when choosing a technology and treatment settings. Dr Christie specializes in aesthetic technologies and utilizes her extensive knowledge to help guide you through corrective or maintenance anti-aging strategies.

Treating the Whole You

At Curated Beauty Rx, aesthetic technologies are just one of the many tools that we offer as part of a long-term anti-aging strategy. This starts with a comprehensive consultation where Dr. Christie and her team utilize a holistic approach to understanding unique patient inputs that may affect the outputs. All technologies offered at Curated Beauty Rx have been personally vetted by Dr. Christie and were chosen due to strong safety profiles and the ability to be used on all skin types.

Aesthetic Energy Concepts

There is no one technology that will reverse all your aging concerns or treat all the categories of aging (or there would be no competition). Dr. Christie sees aesthetic technologies as one of the many tools in her toolbox to deliver balanced, natural-looking results and develop anti-aging strategies.

Achieve Your Results Safely

A constant influx of new devices, products, and practitioners within medical aesthetics combined with marketing hype can make choosing a technology overwhelming. Dr. Christie believes that aesthetic technologies should be part of a modern anti-aging strategy however, the technology is only as good as the technician! A strong understanding of the science in combination with patient selection are at the core to achieving desired results with a strong safety profile. Patient safety starts with appropriate patient selection, having a plan, and patient education.

Physician Delivered Technology

At Curated Beauty Rx we are committed to being at the forefront of innovation and utilize a rigorous selection process when choosing technologies. Strong physician oversight is part of our practice and Dr. Christie typically performs the majority of technology treatments and chooses treatment settings for every patient.

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