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Hair Restoration Overview in Los Angeles, CA

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Why do we lose hair?

Androgenic alopecia, also known as hereditary hair loss, is the most common reason for hair regression, affecting up to 60% of men and 40% of women. However, other medical conditions like alopecia areata (an autoimmune disorder), stress, or hormonal imbalances can also cause hair loss.

Secure Your Well-Being

Impact of Hair Loss

Hair loss can have a significant impact on your overall well-being and may cause psychosocial distress. Fortunately, advances in hair restoration techniques can provide you with viable options to manage and prevent hair loss. If you have not experienced hair loss but have a family history of it, or if you have recently undergone hair transplantation, a hair maintenance strategy should be utilized to prevent hair loss and protect your investment.

Protect Your Investment

Hair Maintenance

A hair maintenance strategy should be utilized in patients who have not experienced hair loss but have a family history and/or patients who have recently undergone hair transplantation. Prevention of hair loss is the key to delaying the onset of symptoms or protecting your investment after transplant.

Restore and Rejuvenate

Hair Restoration

For those experiencing hair loss, hair restoration may be an option. It involves regrowing, renewing, or redistributing hair from one part of your head to another. If you notice changes in your hairline, such as decreased density, miniaturization, or recession, and have a family history of hair loss, it is time to start considering hair restoration treatments.

Achieve Natural Results

Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are most effective for treating male-pattern baldness and should be considered at the first sign of hair thinning so that the patient can preserve his or her original hairline. While Dr. Christie acknowledges that the best time to contemplate a hair transplant depends on the patient's goals and overall aging strategy, he stresses the importance of acting quickly to achieve the most natural results. Dr. Christie is an expert in hair loss management; she can recommend experienced hair transplant surgeons and explain all of your alternatives.

Education is Key

Why choose Dr. Christie?

Dr. Christie is a trusted resource in the management of hair loss and can guide you to vetted, qualified practitioners in hair transplantation and educate you on your treatment options. Dr. Christie believes that education is key to choosing the right procedure and practitioner and will work with you to develop an individualized approach to your hair restoration needs.

Individualized Approach

Your Hair Restoration Procedure

Different therapies are available to manage hair health, including topical medications, in-office treatments, and at-home therapies, depending on the phase of hair loss and underlying causes. Hair loss requires a multi-modal approach, and patients presenting with advanced stages will require a combination of therapies. Let Dr. Christie help you understand the causes of hair loss, the best solutions, and an effective treatment plan. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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