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Facelift Surgery

in Los Angeles, CA

Powerful Beauty

You take charge of every facet of your life. You put the best version of yourself out there every day. So why should you let aging ever slow you down or drain your confidence? Maintain your momentum with the benefits of facial rejuvenation in Los Angeles at Dr. Christie Plastic Surgery.

“A modern facelift should leave you looking and feeling refreshed without obvious signs of an intervention.” – Dr. C.

Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christie has a surgical skill and an artist’s eye that stands out among her professional peers. Her 360-degree approach to beauty and well-being is unique, comprehensive and defines her as one of the best plastic surgeons worldwide. Schedule a Los Angeles Facelift consultation for beautiful, natural-looking results today.
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The Balance of Beauty

Facelifts are a powerful way of addressing all the components of aging (Skin Quality, Skin Laxity, and Volume) in a single procedure. The choice of whether you are a good candidate for a facelift depends on personal aging philosophies as well as the problem areas you are trying to address. Dr. Christie utilizes a number of techniques in surgical facial rejuvenation, including:

1. Deep plane facelift
2. SMAS facelift
3. Mini-facelift

In reality, what looks good on a friend or an influencer may not work for your face. We customize techniques for each patient to deliver a natural result that feels authentic to you.

A Deeper Approach

A deep plane facelift (Rhytidectomy) focuses on the suspension of the deeper layer of muscle and fascia instead of skin pull and removal. The biggest power of the deep plane facelift is the lifting under the muscle layer leaving the skin attached for a natural redraping of all the facial soft tissue and a more powerful mid-face lift.
A deep plane facelift (Rhytidectomy) focuses on the suspension of the deeper layer of muscle and fascia instead of skin pull and removal. The biggest power of the deep plane facelift is the lifting under the muscle layer leaving the skin attached for a natural redraping of all the facial soft tissue and a more powerful mid-face lift.
What is a
A mini-lift or mini face lift is part of a preventative aging strategy, and it entails parts of a face or neck lift to correct early signs of facial aging. The best candidate for this lift is a typically younger patient with minimal laxity and good skin quality and looking for a gentle correction early in the aging process. This is also an ideal procedure for patients who have already had a facelift and are looking for refinement of results or resetting of progressive aging. A mini-lift is ideal for patients who are experiencing “filler or botox fatigue.” A mini-lift is also an ideal procedure for professionals with busy schedules looking for rejuvenation with limited recovery.
Facelift at Dr. Christie Plastic Surgery
When you visit Dr. Christie for a customized Facelift Los Angeles patients will receive care designed to rejuvenate your face by re-contouring your mid and lower face and neck, producing natural-looking and impressive results. Shifting volume and addressing all the components of aging yields a balanced and natural result. Let Dr. Christie guide you on your aesthetic journey by scheduling your Deep Plane Facelift consultation today. We service Los Angeles, Orange, and Santa Barbara counties in West Hollywood.

What is a SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) Facelift?

A SMAS facelift separates the skin layer from the SMAS and in the right candidate, allows different vectors of suspension. This is the most commonly performed technique worldwide. This is a less invasive technique compared with the Deep Plane Facelift. A SMAS Facelift is ideal for patients who are considering a facelift but do not want to look like they have had work done. This technique focuses on the lower third of the face and jawline.

Elevate Your Look
The most significant benefit of a facelift is the ability to address all the components of aging. Facelifts suspend the jowls, remove deep wrinkles, and redrape soft tissue back into anatomic position, enhancing jawline contours and restoring an overall more youthful face shape and soft tissue positioning. The ideal candidate for a facelift (whether deep plane or traditional) is a patient who has moderate to severe laxity, favorable scarring, and is looking for a more powerful rejuvenation.

One of the benefits of surgical intervention is the power for a definitive, longer-lasting result that gets to the core components of the aging process of the face. Dr. Christie strongly supports not over-treating and listens carefully to ensure your treatment plan helps you reach your personal goals. Your consultation will always include an open and honest talk about what treatments help you reach your goals and achieve subtle, natural-looking results. During your consultation, Dr. Christie determines which procedures will help you reach your goals and achieve subtle, natural-looking results.

Optimized Beauty

Combining additional facial rejuvenation procedures during your facelift oftentimes makes sense in Dr. Christie’s customized beauty strategy. Facelifts are often paired with other facial operations, including a brow lift, fat grafting, lip lift, and eyelid surgery, for a complete facial rejuvenation.
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Boss Beautiful

Be in control of how you age by booking a consultation for a Facelift in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Christie is regarded as a rising talent in the field of plastic surgery by her peers and industry professionals. For the busy professional, Dr. Christie’s tailored journey, coupled with enhanced recovery protocols, allows you to achieve your beauty goals without skipping a beat in your busy life!

Unapologetically You

Your unique journey is customized to meet your lifestyle demands and recovery timelines. In order to promote healing, enhance outcomes, and shorten recovery, Dr. Christie routinely incorporates advanced treatments to enhance recovery and your results. Safety is at the forefront of Dr. Christie’s 5-star patient care. Every decision is made with your safety in mind. We aim to provide individualized and quality patient care throughout your journey. Before your procedure, every factor is considered, and Dr. Christie and her team are ready to personalize every detail for unassisted, out-of-town, or in need of additional concierge services.

Patient experience and safety are crucial aspects of planning, along with a team of professionals, including a board-certified anesthesiologist at an accredited operating facility. Our goal is to make you feel at ease throughout your surgery and recovery. We offer expedited recovery protocols, concierge services, and luxury recovery centers. With Dr. Christie, you give yourself more than just great results. You give yourself a great plastic surgery experience that spares no safety and comfort details.

Revel in Your Reveal

Following your recovery, you will see a significant difference, with a noticeable increase in neck and jawline definition and a visible reduction in signs of aging. Dr. Christie couples this with a strong maintenance philosophy to preserve your outcomes.

Lasting Results

Getting you back to your boss life is our top priority. With Dr. Christie’s recovery protocols, you should be ready to appear socially after about two weeks and look your best two to three months after your surgery. If you need to return to work faster than that, Dr. Christie will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will suit your needs.


The best facelift technique is one that both you and your surgeon feel comfortable executing to achieve your desired results. This discussion is best in-person during your consultation as there are many factors that contribute to choosing the best technique, including age, amount of laxity, ethnicity, skin quality, unique anatomic considerations, and long-term goals.
Combination procedures are routinely performed at the same time as a facelift. Facelifts are most often combined with neck lifts as the laxity is generally continuous from face to neckline, and surgical visualization and access to structures of the face are exposed at the time of a facelift. Other procedures that may be combined include upper face rejuvenation procedures such as eyelid rejuvenation, brow lifts, fat transfer, or skin resurfacing. A customized plan based on your goals, downtime, and problem areas will be discussed during your consultation.
Facial rejuvenation should enhance your natural features without completely changing the way you look. Dr. Christie believes strongly in maintaining your own identity and not following trends to enhance the natural aging process. Dr. Christie often recommends a staged approach to facial rejuvenation for optimal results.
As with any surgery, a deep plane facelift has risks, such as potential numbness, bleeding, tingling, scarring, hair loss, and damage to the facial nerves. With procedures like this, expertise and artistry matter, which is why choosing a double board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Christie is so important.

During your consultation, Dr. Christie will review these risks with you. She will review the specific measures that can be taken before, during, and after surgery to minimize these risks and improve your chances of the outcome you want for your face.
Typically mini-lifts are performed in the office under local or under twilight sedation. The goal is to resuspend segmented areas of the face and/or neck that show early signs of the facial aging process. One of the big benefits of a mini-lift is a minimal incision, shorter recovery time, and fewer risks.
Downtime will vary from person-to-person and is dependent on a number of medical factors as well as combination procedures performed. In general, you are able to return to activity within two to four weeks.
Downtime is typically one week for a mini-lift. Permanent external sutures are removed within 5-7 days. Patients can expect mild bruising and swelling during this first week.
Dr. Christie hides the incisions within the natural curves of the ear and takes pride in barely visible incisions using combination strategies post-operatively to achieve excellent results.
A facelift resets the external clock; however, you do not stop your current rate of aging. The duration of your results depends on a number of internal factors (such as skin quality & cellular rate of aging) as well as your lifestyle (i.e. sun exposure and lifestyle choices). Dr. Christie believes anti-aging is a lifestyle and requires an understanding of the processes involved in aging to truly halt the process. Her customized approach to internal and external optimizing creates a long-lasting, durable result.

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