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Inverted Nipple Surgery Los Angeles, CA  West Hollywood

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Nipple Reduction Surgery in Los Angeles, CA | Inversion Nipple Correction Dr. Christie Plastic Surgery

While there is no ideal nipple size and shape, you can enhance disproportionately large nipples and correct asymmetry or inverted nipples with nipple surgery. For patients who have lost a nipple due to cosmetic or reconstructive procedures, nipple reconstruction can help restore what was lost. Nipple size and projection can be affected by aging, genetics, and breastfeeding. Dr. Christie is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who can help finesse your results with nipple surgery.

There are four types of nipple surgery performed by Dr. Christie:

  • Nipple Reconstruction
  • Excision of Extra Nipple (Supernumerary nipple)
  • Correction of Inverted Nipple
  • Nipple Reduction
Inverted Nipple Surgery Los Angeles, CA  West Hollywood

Your Desired Correction

What are Inverted (“Shy”) Nipples?

Short lactiferous ducts, also known as milk ducts, are the cause of inverted nipples, which contract inward, appear flat, or are entirely inverted. A flat or "shy" nipple that neither protrudes outwardly nor creates a depression in the areola is the end result. While some inverted nipples may protrude in response to pulling or stimulation, others remain inverted in the breast mound.

What is Nipple Reduction Surgery?

Nipple reduction surgery helps correct large nipples, asymmetric nipples or droopy nipples. This surgery allows correction of both projection and size of the nipple and can be the finishing touch to other breast procedures. It is particularly powerful for patients who are self-conscious about the size of their nipples and can help them feel comfortable without the need for nipple covers.

Nipple Reconstruction

This surgery is typically part of breast reconstruction and can be performed on one or both breasts. Dr. Christie utilizes a number of techniques to recreate the nipple and areola, and the final stage involves a nipple tattoo artist to complete pigment correction. For patients who have suffered partial nipple or areola loss, this may also be reconstructed using local tissue or skin graft to recreate areas that are lost.

Nipple Removal

Extra nipples (or supernumerary nipples) can occur in both men and women and can often be a source of psychosocial distress. They typically occur on the chest wall and may appear like a mole. These are easy to excise in the in-office under local anesthesia.

Nipple Repair & Inversion Correction

Your Nipple Surgery Consultation

The physical and aesthetic concerns associated with inverted nipples can be successfully and safely treated with inverted nipple surgery. Inverted nipples, despite being rather common, can make some men and women feel self-conscious about their appearance and impair their confidence, particularly in intimate situations. If you are interested in learning more about nipple surgery Los Angeles patients are encouraged to make an appointment at Dr. Christie Plastic Surgery.

Inverted Nipple Surgery Los Angeles, CA  West Hollywood

Your Nipple Surgery Procedure

Your Nipple Surgery Procedure

Nipple surgery can be performed as a standalone procedure or in combination with other procedures. In general, when performed as a stand-alone procedure, nipple surgery is a minor in-office procedure performed under local anesthesia with a short recovery and low-risk profile. The nipple and areola are pre-numbed with a topical solution for your comfort and then injected with local so no pain should be experienced during the procedure. This procedure can also be combined with medications if needed.

Minimally Invasive Means Minimal Downtime

Nipple Surgery Recovery and Aftercare

If the procedure is performed under a local anesthetic, the patient may drive themselves home. It is normal to have minor oozing from the incisions, and a nipple dressing with a compression bra is required for 48 hours. Pain is usually present for the first 24 hours and is well managed with over-the-counter medications. You may return to work immediately, and most patients will take one week off strenuous exercise.

Significant Improvement

Nipple Surgery Results

Following treatment, any visible bruising or swelling should begin to fade within a few days and will continue to resolve over a two-week period. Scar ointment is applied daily to the incisions, and you may experience a slight decrease or increase in sensation of the nipples during this healing period.

Nipple SurgeryFrequently Asked Questions

Inverted nipple surgery is a minimally invasive treatment requiring little preparation. You will be told to stop smoking a few weeks before surgery in order to maintain healthy circulation and achieve the best possible recovery. Patients opting for general anesthesia could be asked to undergo a medical evaluation check in order to lower the risk of problems.

Since inverted nipple repair is not deemed medically necessary, medical insurance does not cover the cost.

Every surgery has some risk, but nipple surgery is thought to be relatively safe, and problems are extremely rare. These dangers include difficulty nursing, infection, a temporary or permanent loss of nipple sensitivity, bleeding, and complications from general anesthesia.

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