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Body Lift

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Own Your Beauty

A lean, toned figure is frequently a sign of fitness attained through a balanced diet and regular exercise. However, after massive weight loss or as part of the aging process, excess skin may leave you frustrated with end results. Sagging skin and contour irregularities may be caused by genetics, aging, sun damage, pregnancy, major weight changes, and poor tissue elasticity. With a body lift Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Christie could help you add the final touch to your body goals. There are only two ways to manage skin laxity: Non-surgical tightening technology, Surgical skin excision
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A Combination Approach

Dr. Christie will discuss which procedure is most appropriate for you and often utilizes a combination approach. However, the distinguishing criteria depends on the amount of excess skin. This can be quite simply assess with a skin pinch test and an understanding of the degree of skin laxity in combination with skin quality. A body lift improves the shape and tone of the underlying skin by removing excess skin and resuspending underlying skin laxity.

Custom Contoured

The best candidates for a body lift are typically patients with significant soft tissue excess in multiple areas and have committed to a healthy lifestyle with good underlying muscle tone. You are exchanging an improvement in shape for a scar burden and patients must maximize results by not smoking and generally have favorable scarring.
The best candidates for a body lift are typically patients with significant soft tissue excess in multiple areas and have committed to a healthy lifestyle with good underlying muscle tone. You are exchanging an improvement in shape for a scar burden and patients must maximize results by not smoking and generally have favorable scarring.

Common areas treated
with a Body Lift include:

Abdominal body lift

An abdominal body lift is often an extension of an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). This would be performed in patients who have significant circumferential skin excess desiring suspension of the lateral thighs. Posterior extension of this lift is typically combined with a buttock lift.

Buttock Lift with Auto-Augmentation

The buttock lift surgery, also known as a gluteal lift, is most effective for patients who have lost buttock volume and developed loose, extra skin in the area. Dr. Christie performs a specialized technique of auto-augmentation to restore natural volume using your own excess skin and soft tissue eliminating the need for implants. This is also an ideal technique in patients who lack sufficient donor fat.

Thigh Lift

Similarly, a thigh lift reshapes the thighs by removing excess skin and fat in specific problem areas or circumferentially. This procedure may be combined with liposuction or skin tightening techniques. Incisions are usually well hidden in the groin and Dr. Christie likes to customize incision locations to patients preferred clothing choices and problem areas to minimize scar burden while still achieving your body contour goals. This may often require a combination of non-surgical and surgical techniques. Combinations of thigh lifts include: medial thigh lift, posterior thigh lift, mini-thigh lift, outer thigh lift, or vertical thigh lift.
Reflect Your
Best Self
Loose, sagging skin and uneven contours often require more than exercise alone. Genetics, aging, UV exposure, pregnancy, weight changes, and poor tissue elasticity can cause skin laxity. A buttock lift, body lift, or thigh lift can help you with the finishing touch on reversing the aging process.
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Curate Your Physique
Most of our Los Angeles body lift patients’ procedures will vary in length depending on the number of areas you are treating. Long incision lengths and meticulous suture can make this surgery duration between two to eight hours. Typical incisions are similar to bikini patterns around the lower body that can extend circumferentially to remove excess skin and resuspend the underlying tissue. Careful attention is placed on scar positioning with multiple layers of closure to maximize scar results. Dr. Christie thoroughly discusses incision patterns during your consultations and requires all body lift patients to engage in post-surgical scar protocols to maximize scar results. Postoperative management is crucial in results to avoid excess tension on the scar length, accumulation of fluid, or excess swelling. These details are carefully planned & discussed with you by Dr. Christie and her team of experts.
Toned & Trim
Body Lift recovery takes careful planning and Dr. Christie and her team have every detail covered. You may have small surgical drains in place and/or compression garments. Some patients elect to stay at an aftercare facility while others are able to manage care at home. The number of incisions and areas treated will dictate the amount of assistance required. Sutures are all absorbable and patients typically require two weeks of recovery with assistance.

Immediate Noticeable Results

You will appreciate the improvement in contour immediately and this will continue to improve over time. Management of postoperative swelling and careful attention to scarring are monitored by Dr. Christie and her team of experts.
Body Lift
The Brazilian Butt Lift is a gluteal fat grafting technique that enhances buttock volume and projection, as well as general shape and symmetry, by using extra fat removed from other parts of the body. BBL requires patients have sufficient fat to carry out the transfers and good to skin elasticity and is a good option in patients who desire volume enhancement alone.
The challenges in lower body lift surgery are related to incision length, number of areas treated and sensitive location of incisions (such as groins and inner thighs). With careful preparation, recovery can be manageable and well worth the results.
The risks of this surgery are minimal and this surgery may be performed with deep sedation as opposed to general anesthesia. The risks are primarily related to wound healing or poor scarring and thus a thorough preoperative workup is performed to ensure proper candidate selection. Dr. Christie and her team carefully discuss all these risks during consultation and preoperative planning.
When this surgery is performed well, scarring is minimal and well worth the improvement in contour. Poor candidates for these procedures are patients who are prone to keloid scarring. Dr. Christie’s advanced scar protocol can manage hypertrophic scarring or pigmentation of scars and a careful risk to benefit analysis should be discussed.
Results are long-lasting and permanent however, the inherent problems related to skin elasticity must be maintained and addressed for best long-term results. The cornerstone of these procedures is a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise to maintain underlying muscle tone.

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