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Breast Revision

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More and more women are opting for breast augmentation and breast revision as a personal and empowering choice in their lives. As we age and life events such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, and weight fluctuations occur, an update is sometimes required. Revision surgery can be complex and requires significant skills to ensure the best long-term results. You don’t have to live with breasts you don’t love! Dr. Christie specializes in implant revision surgery. With breast revision Los Angeles patients can fix the size, shape, volume, and symmetry issues of your breasts with Dr. Christie.
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Discover Your Best Look

A breast revision can address a variety of issues for patients who have already undergone breast surgery. Common reasons for revision surgery include capsular contracture, implant malposition, double-bubble, implant rupture, wrinkling, or rippling. During breast revision surgery, patients have a number of considerations that are thoroughly discussed in consultation.

What You
Need to Know

Whether you need to replace your implants for medical or cosmetic reasons, Dr. Christie’s skill and experience can help improve your breasts’ appearance and feel. Common reasons for breast revision include:
Whether you need to replace your implants for medical or cosmetic reasons, Dr. Christie’s skill and experience can help improve your breasts’ appearance and feel. Common reasons for breast revision include:

Implant Displacement or Malposition

Implant malposition can occur as a result of technique in the original operation or the aging process of the breast. Correction of malposition will typically involve revision of the implant capsule and replacement of implant. Additional support systems, such as an internal bra, may be required depending on the cause of malpositioning.

Implant Rupture

A recent study found up to 14% of women had silent rupture of silicone implants on screening ultrasounds. On the other hand, saline implants show immediate clinical evidence of rupture. While implant ruptures are not an emergency, over time, ruptured implants can impact your quality of life. Dr. Christie advises elective removal of implants as soon as possible.

Size change

As we age, volume preferences also change. If you feel that your implant is too large or too small, Dr. Christie will advise you on options for readjusting your size. In some cases, a simple implant exchange may be performed. However, in most cases, additional procedures are required in combination to enhance results. Dr. Christie will carefully evaluate the totality of your goals and offers a unique perspective as a female plastic surgeon in body proportions.

Bottoming out

This deformity occurs when an implant does not have the lower pole support necessary to maintain ideal positioning, and the implant stretches out the lower pole. In these cases, reinforcement of the implant capsule in combination with reinforcement utilizing a biologic or synthetic mesh help to reinforce the effect of weight of the implant.


Patients who are thin or elderly may experience implant ripples. Typically, this occurs when the implant has been put above the muscle or when the patient has chosen an implant size unsuitable for their frame. Dr. Christie can help you select the implant that is best suited for your body type and may recommend ways to improve the aesthetics.

Capsular Contracture

Since the implant is a foreign object, your body builds a capsule around it as part of the healing process. For unknown reasons, some patients may experience progressive scarring around the implant that causes a compressive effect on the implant. Capsular contracture is gradual. There are several stages. The last stage may cause a painful, constricting sensation with visible distortion of the implant. Correction of contracture typically requires the removal of the implant and capsule and subsequent steps to rebuild volume. All of the above is thoroughly discussed in consultation.
It’s Your Body
Many patients who have undergone augmentation earlier in life decide to remove implants as they age for a variety of reasons. Alternatively, a subset of patients may experience systemic symptoms which they contribute to implants, or you may have clinical or radiographic evidence of rupture. If you choose to have breast implants and subsequently have changed your mind, or if you have developed a disease due to the implants, it makes sense to remove them. Dr. Christie knows this is an extremely personal choice for her patients. She can assist you in determining whether breast implant removal without replacement is the best course of action.
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Beauty From All Angles

Sometimes, breast implants can accentuate breast asymmetry. Perhaps you previously had small breasts and did not notice the natural asymmetry until your breasts grew larger. Implants merely increase the breasts you already have; they do not often fix asymmetry. If the physician fails to create uniform pockets for the implants during the first procedure, the breasts may appear slightly asymmetrical. Regardless of why your breasts are unequal after implants, Dr. Christie can restore their symmetry with a breast revision. In cases of significant asymmetry, she may recommend using breast implants of differing sizes.
A Deeper Understanding
When patients have complexity to their natural breast anatomy and implants are used, such as in tuberous breasts, restricted breasts, or congenital breast asymmetry, higher rates of revision occur. These types of cases are challenging and require an understanding of the problem to appropriately correct them. And even with experience, certain types of breast deformities may require a staged approach for optimal results. Common concerns include double-bubble deformity, animation deformity, poor scarring, implant malposition, or constriction bands.

What can I expect?

For our patients in Los Angeles Breast revision is generally an outpatient procedure that usually takes between one to four hours. During your consultation for Breast revision Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Christie will assess the state of your breasts to establish the optimal surgical strategy for your treatment.

Take Time For Yourself

Revision surgery can range from a short recovery to longer restrictions depending on the complexity of the revision. Dr. Christie encourages protecting your investment by adhering to the downtime necessary to ensure a long-lasting repair. Recovery is typically two weeks off work and 4-6 weeks of strenuous activity restriction. Adjuvant recovery protocols are utilized to expedite healing, and all details of surgical recovery are carefully orchestrated by Dr. Christie and her team to enhance and optimize results.
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Powerful Change

Revision surgery may be part of a journey from a previous experience or simply to address the aging process of breasts. Dr. Christie is with you at every step. Her expertise in breast surgery combined with enhanced recovery protocols for professionals has put her in high demand for breast revision surgery. Your amazing results and experience will be a reflection of her dedicated expertise and attention to detail.

Beauty That Goes Beyond

Breast Revision corrects your concerns with your breasts’ size, shape, volume, and symmetry. However, it can also repair breast augmentations or enhancements that were performed incorrectly in the past. Schedule your Los Angeles breast revision consultation today with Dr. Christie today.

Breast Revision

Board-certified Plastic Surgeons are the only surgeons with formal training in breast revision surgeries. If you are considering revision, you should consult with a qualified professional because accurately defining the problem is the crucial first step in creating the solution.
Recovery after revision depends in part on what was performed. In general, there can be advantages to already having much of the dissection performed in the first surgery. However, capsule work can be extensive and require additional recovery time.
Correction of previous surgeries requires a breadth and depth of knowledge regarding potential problems with implants, placement of implants, anatomy, and the aging process. There are a variety of techniques required for implant correction that involve work with the capsules and breast tissue and consideration of the appropriate implant to correct concern.
In general, when downsizing implants, you are left with excess skin that would be best served with a mastopexy (or breast lift). However, there are a number of options to discuss before making this decision.
Yes. This recommendation has changed throughout the years, and we do believe that breast implants are not lifetime devices with required surveillance and maintenance per FDA guidelines. Dr. Christie always prioritizes long-term patient safety and health and believes this is part of an extensive informed consent process that allows you to make the best choice for your personal situation.

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