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Loose and Lax

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Skin laxity (excess skin) develops from a combination of aging skin quality, gravity, and loss of structural support systems and is one of the core treatments that Plastic Surgeons provide when we remove excess skin surgically. There are only two ways to treat skin laxity: 1- surgical excision; 2- aesthetic technology. Dr. Christie is a double board-certified surgeon who believes in treating the whole patient and creating a treatment plan that is right for YOU! Whether you are a candidate for surgery or want to manage skin laxity non-surgically through skin tightening Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Christie is the best resource to help you navigate your anti-aging journey.

Tighten Up

What to know about Skin Tightening?

Dr. Christie is obsessed with skin tightening for the simple reason that it is one of the primary complaints presented to a plastic surgeon’s office. Skin laxity develops throughout the face and body as part of the aging process or in response to excess stress (such as rapid growth of breasts or abdomen during pregnancy or puberty). Aesthetic technologies improve skin laxity by delivering a controlled injury within the deeper layer of the skin (dermis), resulting in the creation of new collagen and elastin.

The Science of Skin Tightening It is estimated that adult skin loses approximately one percent of collagen per year.

Your skin is comprised of an underlying network of collagen and elastin fibers that provide a scaffolding for the skin that determines its degree of firmness and elasticity. As we age, this intricate fiber network loosens and unravels. When collagen fibrils are heated to the correct temperature, cross-links are broken, causing the triple helix structure of collagen to undergo contraction leading to tissue tightening over time. Exceeding critical threshold temperature or injury causes the collagen fibrils to completely denature.

Double Board-Certified

Why choose Curated Beauty MedSpa?

Aesthetic technologies have the ability to enhance anti-aging strategies or cause irreversible harm in the wrong hands. Dr. Christie’s MedSpa is backed by double board certification, and she is dedicated to continually enhancing her expertise in aesthetic technologies. At Curated Beauty, an in-depth understanding of the science, correct patient selection, and overall treatment strategy is utilized to help you understand expectations and tailor a regimen that is a good return on your investment. Dr. Christie provides many of these technologies herself and continues to create unique blends of technologies to enhance patient results. At Curated Beauty Rx, we offer the following technologies that have varying degrees of skin tightening results:

  • BodyTite
  • FaceTite
  • AccuTite
  • Radiofrequency Microneedling Renuvion
  • Sofwave Opus Plasma CO2

Skin Tightening technologies are selected based on a comprehensive intake process and consider your lifestyle, Fitzpatrick Skin Type, degree of laxity, and whether you are within a maintenance or corrective phase.

Technology or Surgery?

Am I a good candidate for Skin Tightening?

Surgery vs. technology is always an interesting discussion, and many variables are factored into this decision which depends in part on your anti-aging preferences, what you have previously tried, and what age you present, and Dr. Christie compares that with your surgical risks, including risks of anesthesia and scarring to formulate a curated strategy. All of our Los Angeles skin tightening candidates should consider aesthetic technologies as part of a preventative strategy to aging. If you are bothered by crepey, loose, and saggy skin on almost any part of your body, you may be a good candidate for Skin Tightening Treatment.

Better Choices, Better Living

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Dr. Christie treats the whole person. Her long career in helping others has made her hyper-diligent about ensuring that cosmetic issues are addressed and that a whole new lifestyle is achieved through a better diet, better choices, and healthy living. This holistic approach to cosmetic medicine has made her a rising star in her industry, and her attention to each client makes a difference. Contact our office today to schedule your Los Angeles Skin Tightening treatment and leave with a new outlook on skincare and a new outlook on life!

Skin Tightening TreatmentFrequently Asked Questions

There is no one technology that outperforms others within this category across all different skin types. Choosing the technology that is best for you is an art and requires consideration of many variables and typically requires a combination of surgical or non-surgical treatments as part of an overall anti-aging strategy.

The best technologies for ethnic skin typically follow a rule of lower energy type and increased precision of delivery of that energy. With an ever-growing market of technologies, an understanding of appropriate aesthetic technologies across all skin types is paramount to preventing adverse effects such as hyper or hypo-pigmentation.

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As the premier female plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Christie's expertise and unique perspective on life-improving operations draw patients from across the globe for her signature consultations. Join the satisfied patients from all around the world who have benefited from Dr. Christie's curated Beauty & Wellness plans. Don't delay — schedule your consultation today if you're ready to take charge of your life and appearance.

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