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D R. C H R I S T I E

Embark on Your Personal Beauty Journey with Dr. Christie

Discover the Art of Aging Gracefully

In the heart of our practice lies a belief: every individual is a unique masterpiece. This belief is the essence of Dr. Christie's signature Beauty Matrix Consultation – a 90-minute personal exploration into the world of beauty and aging, guided by the compassionate and expert hands of Dr. Christie, a double-board certified plastic surgeon. A Conversation, A Connection, A Transformation Imagine sitting down with a friend who understands not just the science of beauty, but the emotions and dreams that come with it. This is what the Beauty Matrix Consultation is all about. It's more than an assessment; it's a heartfelt conversation where your concerns, aspirations, and beauty goals are heard and valued.

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What This Personal Journey Entails:

  1. Deep Understanding: Together, we'll explore your unique skin type, aging process, and what beauty means to you.
  2. Your Place in The Beauty MatrixTM: Discover where you stand in the spectrum of maintenance and enhancement, and how this aligns with your vision of beauty.
  3. Customized Pathways: Unveil a selection of treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, chosen just for you to complement your individual beauty journey.
  4. Informed and Empowered: Leave not just with a plan, but with a newfound understanding and confidence in your choices on this journey of aging gracefully.
D R. C H R I S T I E

Why Embark on This Journey?

  • Intimacy and Personalization: This isn't a generic consultation; it's a heart-to-heart discussion tailored to your very essence.
  • Expert and Empathetic Guidance: Dr. Christie doesn’t just offer solutions; she offers understanding, empathy, and a partnership in your journey to timeless beauty.
  • Holistic Approach: We look beyond temporary fixes, focusing on a holistic strategy that intertwines your inner health and outer beauty.
  • A New Beginning: This is more than a consultation; it's the first chapter of your renewed story of beauty and confidence.

Your Journey Awaits

The Beauty Matrix Consultation is your invitation to start a journey with someone who sees and celebrates your unique beauty. Dr. Christie is here not just to guide but to walk with you, every step of the way. Let’s uncover the beauty that's been there all along, waiting to be embraced. Step into a journey of self-discovery and timeless beauty. Your personal consultation with Dr. Christie awaits.

Live Well. Be Beautiful.

As the premier female plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Christie's expertise and unique perspective on life-improving operations draw patients from across the globe for her signature consultations. Join the satisfied patients from all around the world who have benefited from Dr. Christie's curated Beauty & Wellness plans. Don't delay — schedule your consultation today if you're ready to take charge of your life and appearance.

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